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On January 18, 2011, in Content Creation, by lesley
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I haven’t blogged for a while.

O.K. That’s a lie. I have, but not here. Since the New Year most of my posts have been over at EasyContentBlueprints because we’re running some exciting webinars over there and that’s where my focus was.

So this is my first post here for the year. And because this is my own, personal site, where I don’t have to worry about what other people want, or like, I decided it would be a good one, a stirring post, something that would get the year off to a momentous start.

So here we are. Let’s get momentous.
And …


It’s not working. Come on lets go!  Put some passion into it!

Do you ever have days when you sit down, and somehow the enthusiasm is just not there?
If you said yes, never think you’re alone.
My inbox is filled with emails from people with webstores, or with products to sell, who chose their products for lots of good reasons, but without realy understanding what the job of selling on the internet entails. People who sit down, knowing they have to blog or write an article and all have the same question – what can I write about?

To misquote Monty Python – where’s the passion? It’s over there in the box. But it was squeezed out because the necessity and the boredom put on weight.

And just like no-one expects the Spanish Inquisition, noone expects that their major activity after launching their webstore will be writing.
But it is.

There are product descriptions, landing pages and newsletters.Press Releases, blog posts and articles.
and tweets and even (shudder)
facebook pages

And the worst thing about them all is that when you really don’t have any enthusiasm, it comes across in your writing. I know this and I’m still guilty of it. Here’s an extract from two product descriptions I wrote last year.

Blue chiffon nightgown with crossover straps

Delicate nightgown in shimmering blue chiffon

The first description tells you more about the nightgown
The second descriptions sells.
Can you guess which nightgown I liked best?

So how can you find a passion for your product and put some fire into your blog posts?

Most of the gurus will tell you you don’t have to know anything about the niche product you choose to sell.

They’ll also tell you that you don’t need to use it or like it.

And they’re right. You don’t.
As long as you can afford to hire other other people to do the writing for you.
If you can’t, you face long hard hours churning out prose you don’t believe in, a soul destroying activity for anyone.

So the easiest way to blog or write with passion is to feel enthusiasm for your product. Don’t choose a niche based purely on the figures. Don’t promote something you wouldn’t buy.

But what if you’e already chosen. Your niche is OK, but you’ve run out of steam?
It happens to everyone, including me, so here are some of the things I do.
Let’s start with the easy ones.

Take a step back. A biscuit and a cup of tea is restorative if you’re just feeling a bit tired.
Listen to music, something fast paced, something to pep you up.Some people go for short walk.
Whatever you do, don’t put the writing off.

Better now?

If not, here’s the harder thing.

Realize that if you feel fed up and bored it’s because you want to. Your mood is your business. Change it.  Because feeling bored and fed up while you write isn’t going to to do you any good. And that dream of financial independence and freedom will more than likely stay a dream.

So summon  those desires and take energy from them. Think about how great it will feel to sit by the pool or the ocean while your webstore fills your bank account and feel grateful for the opportunity to do it. Then grab those good feelings in both hands, top up with tea and biscuits and write as though your dreams depended on it, because they do.

Write about something you’ve never written about before. Forget your products and take a wider view.  Look to the side, to the future and to the past. If your product is cookware, for example,  you can write about recipes, about special occasion meals, about party planning. Take a wider view and you’re talking about interior design, move to the past and look at historic recipes, or move to the future and look at cooking trends. Somewhere, in there, is a subject you can talk about with passion and enthusiasm.

But you won’t find it unless you look. It won’t just fall into your lap. An e-commerce store can turn into a nightmare. Or it can be the realization of a dream.

Which will you choose?

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11 Responses to “How to Blog With Passion”

  1. Latief says:

    In order to get to a customer, you have to think like him, would the advertisement text sell good? Would you buy through your advertisement text? Think like a customer, think at his needs, at what he seeks and at what he needs and you will know exactly how to get to him, but try to combine the typical business style “I’ve got what you need” to “I’m your friend and I’ve got what you need at a good price” – not the best price, not the smallest price – but a GOOD price – a true price. Great article, good work !

  2. “Realize that if you feel fed up and bored it’s because you want to. Your mood is your business. Change it. ”

    Utterly brilliant and so very true. But it takes a lot of maturity to actually understand and internalize this.

    • lesley says:

      Barbara, thanks for taking the time to visit Many years ago now, I had a life coach and he gave me that advice. At first I thought it was utter rubbish, but the day I realized it was true was a genuine turning point.

  3. Hi Lesley:

    This is my first time on your site. It is a nice bright organized and well formatted site. This blog post is upbeat and focused. passion, is the strongest emotion about anything. It is the result of a burning desire,
    that motivates you to work on a stronger level. Concentration on what you want to do also brings results, but not as strong as a passion.

    Copy writing is a great skill.

    All the best

    Fran A

    • lesley says:

      Thanks Fran, for the comment, bright and organized is my aim for the site, I hope to see you here again. It’s good to get a comment from a fellow writer!

  4. Taking a wider view, Lesley, is great advice. Our ability to dream, to imagine, to create is virtually limitless — so take off the blinders (don’t we all have a blind spot!?!) and discover a more expansive view!

    Enjoy knowing you — you’re an amazing professional with a progressive approach to life. Warm winter wishes, Daisy @

    • lesley says:

      Daisy, delighted to see you! It’s so true – there is nothing too big for a dream, and if you can dream, you can do.

  5. Ali Mujtaba says:

    The main problem in blogging is the fact that you can’t be sure of your success or some article’s success. So that why many blogger tend to get lazy once in a while…

    But if your really want to succeed and you have the talent for it, you eventually will…

  6. Maria Pavel says:

    When facing negativity, I immediately tune up my mind with what I call a power-shift. It’s practically a shift to powerful positive emotions like being happy (accompanied by smiling to a beautiful female sitting next to you) or just listening to a classical instrumental music. That’s also my technique on how I keep myself focused and energetic throughout the day.

  7. Adam Gardner says:

    The mistake that many people commit is that they just jump into blogging after seeing its monetary prospects though they have no passion for it. And hence after the passage of a few days, when things become monotonous, they opt out with a loss, rather than struggling.

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