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On May 16, 2011, in Content Creation, by lesley

The whole idea of writing an ebook is pretty daunting. All those blank pages, sitting waiting to be filled.

Then there are all the decisions that have to be made. How to lay it out, where to get pictures, what format to use.

Fortunately most of the key decisions are easy. You’ll find the details in a blog post by Blog Tyrant who sets out, pretty clearly, how it’s all done.

All except for the content which, I have to say, is actually the difficult bit. So lets tackle some of the basics.

How long does an ebook have to be.

There is a grey area between a report and an ebook. I’d say if you have pictures AND you’re more than ten pages long, you’re probably an ebook. Less and you’re a report. 10-15 pages with no pictures – could be either.

If it’s free, how good does an ebook have to be?

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be good. You are trying to create an army of rabid fans. You won’t do that by providing poor information. The price, in many ways, doesn’t matter.

How Do I Write a Killer Title

With enormous care. Whatever you promise in your title, you need to deliver in your text. A ‘killer’ title sounds like something Stephen King would write about, the book title that kills you if you read it out loud. I imagine it means a title that ‘kills’ the opposition. Forget that. The best thing to do is find an angle on your subject which the opposition (if it exists, and you should probably worry if it doesn’t) hasn’t explored. Your title should make it clear why your book is useful. How to Make An Ebook is boring as titles go. How to Make an Ebook That People Will Read at least gives you a reason to read, though How to Make an Ebook to Promote Your Business is even better.

Why Should I Bother?

Yes, writing an ebook is a lot of work. If you have a business, you already have plenty to do, so why should you bother with an ebook? What will it get you?

It’s very common to create a short ebook or a report and give it away in exchange for an email address. Readers have to sign up on your list to get the book, once you have their email, you can market to them.

But that’s not the only thing you can do with an ebook.

  1. You can sell it. Clickbank is a good way to go.
  2. You can sell the rights to it so other people can sell it as theirs.
  3. You can have affiliates sell it for a large (even 100%) commission so your name and website spreads across the web.
  4. You can turn it into an audio file and add it to itunes.
  5. You can turn it into a powerpoint slideshow and make it a video lecture.
  6. You can turn it into a script and have yourself videod talking the contents into the camera.
  7. You can turn it into a course. Courses sell for a lot more than ebooks.
  8. Sell it on amazon in kindle format.
  9. Give it away as a bonus. If you have a store, this could be the thing that separates you from the competition. If not, you could give the ebook away as a bonus for attending a webinar or webinar series.

Last, but by NO means least – why stick with the ebook format at all? Why not go all the way and publish in print? It’s never been easier. Amazon’s createspace as well as Lulu make self publication simple, and if it is more expensive than digital publication it has the advantage of being tangible.

Even though Amazon now sell more books in digital form than in print, writing for print still gives you more credibility as an expert.

What was that? You don’t feel you are an expert in your field?

I could say that most of the gurus don’t let that stop them, but that might sound a bit sarcastic.

What I can say for sure, from personal experience, is that if you’re not an expert now, then when you’ve finished writing a book that contains real, solid, useful information, then you will be.


There are many many good reasons to write an ebook, but still most people don’t. What holds you back? I’d really like to know.

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14 Responses to “Make An Ebook To Promote Your Store”

  1. Teri Naylor says:

    Thanks, Leslie! What a wonderful strategy to promote your business. It is in my master plan to get going on this!

  2. Lesley,

    Great info. I think that an ebook is something that every person who purports to be an exert in their niche should either have or at very least… be working on.

    Obviously to really make an impact you need to “know your stuff” but if you have enough info to create a blog and pump out quality posts, you probably have enough to create a killer ebook with a little bit of research and some dedication to the writing

    • lesley says:

      Sadly I think there are a lot more ebooks being worked on than are ever completed. As you say it takes a bit of research and some dedication, it’s not rocket science! Thanks as always for stopping by.

      • Adam Gardner says:

        Actually, its never easy to continue with the same deal of zeal and enthusiasm with which you had started your work, and people should know how to keep that alive in order to achieve what they have set for. I guess this is the reason for projects unfinished.

        You are always welcome.

        • lesley says:

          It is very dificult to keep up the enthusiasm, I agree. What you could try is a Nanowrimo approach. Make all your preparations before hand and then cancel everything for a month, and do all the writing you need in one mammoth spree.

  3. lesley says:

    Teri – great to see you here. An ebook is a great way to promote a store, and the best thing is that if you’re blogging already, you almost certainly already have material you can use. Then once you’ve created one, you’ve got a much better idea of how to create the next one. Might be an idea to get the site finished first though :-)

  4. Question for you, Lesley. How would I go about getting my ’99 hardcover adapted to an e-book? I don’t have it on a disk unfortunately, so would need to have the book scanned or something, I guess. Any thoughts? Thanks! –Daisy

    • lesley says:

      Daisy – good to hear from you!
      It should be quite easy to get a printer to scan your pages and depending on what you ant to do with them, turn the can into a downloadable pdf, or run it through a OCR program which ‘reads’ the text and converts it to digital information you can edit.
      Then you can reconfigure the text as you like, maybe add some pictures, and turn it into an ebook.
      A lot of scanners have OCR software with them when you buy, so you may find you can actually do the whole thing yourself.

      Happy to help with this in any way I can.

      • Those are some excellent ideas. Do places like Kinko’s do this or would I need to go to a small publishing house? I’ll give this some thought, thanks, Lesley!!

  5. Nicole Fende says:

    I appreciate the article, unfortunately my experience with a free ebook did not translate to any traction in leads or new business.

    Late last year I did an ebook on the 5 Profit Thieves (for small biz). I made a point to write it as if I was selling for $100 a pop, and had successful biz people review before releasing.

    Did I get sign-ups? Yes! The problem is that when I sent follow-ups (not pushy, salesy or even very often) one of two things happened. They unsubscribed or they complained I was spamming them! People wanted the free stuff, then they wanted me to go away.

    Do you think people may be overloaded with free stuff?

    • Nicole, sorry it has taken to long to reply to your comment, I know it makes it seem as though comments are not valued on this site, when quite the opposite is true!
      The truth is Ive been busy developing another site, you might like to look at , and my attention has been elsewhere.
      That said, your comment deserves a reply.
      I think everyone who produces good and useful information has had your experience, the weird thing is, we don’t talk about it. We don’t talk about the things we did which didn’t work, and that’s a shame, because we could all learn a great deal from that.
      There are always going to be people who want the free stuff and then want you to go away. Earlier this year I was part of a series of webinars, we asked people to sign up for information about the series, a technique we were told was an excellent way to build a list, but just as you said, when we emailed them, they not only unsubscribed, which I could understand, they claimed we were spamming, which did not seem fair.

      But then, of course, the world is not fair.

      If you got signups with your free ebook, then you were providing good information.
      When you emailed again, and people rejected your offer, you weren’t.
      They did not see the value.
      Some wouldn’t pay anyway because they want everything for nothing.
      But on balance, others would, somehow you didn’t convince them.
      Somehow, somewhere, there was something they wanted that you didn’t provide, or perhaps you had already provided it?
      It’s easy to be glib – find out what people want and then give it to them, but finding out isn’t easy, what surprises me, is that it often surprises me. What people want, isn’t what I think they want, or what I think they need.

      I think it’s likely that you had the same problem I did. The only solution Ive found is to keep trying. Experiment with emails and subject lines until you find what resonates, and then keep digging.

      The major trick is – don’t give up.

  6. Having ghostwritten several ebooks, I have to agree on all of your points. I do agree that people don’t need to be experts on the topic they choose to write the ebook on. However, it does help if you have a passion or at least a deep interest in it. That makes the research so much easier! Thanks for the guidance!

  7. Donna Frasca says:

    I’d like to know more about writing an ebook. I have way to much to say about color and I don’t want to design a 5th blog so ebook it is! I have some reading to do tonight!

    • lesley says:

      Donna, if you are having difficulty working out a structure for your book, drop me an email. I might be able to help.

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