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What’s the most powerful thing in the world?

Is it a word?
is it an action?
is it a feeling?

No. It’s none of those things.

The most powerful thing in the world is an idea. Ideas can begin small, but grow tall. Ideas can change the world.  Ideas make a difference.

Freedom is an idea.
Freedom is also a word.
And a word is a tool.

Words are the tools writers use to express ideas. That’s why a great piece of writing is still a great piece of writing even when it’s translated into another language.

It’s not just about the words.
It’s about the ideas behind them.

And that’s why, when you’re writing articles, press releases and blog posts to promote your business, it’s not the words you use that matter most.  Google, the great God of the Internet, demands regular sacrifices from its worshippers in a form that we call ‘content’. And content, so we’re told, should be original.

But once you’ve used the words, what then? How can you produce more ‘original’ content? Do you mash and mangle the words? Do you spin them into some great glittering garment suitable for sacrifice to the great god google?

Essentially – yes.

But you weren’t expecting me to say that, were you?

I’m not a fan of article spinners, because the result of their use is (usually) a badly written article. And while the words are not what it’s all about, their composition is part of the package. Grammar, spelling and even a good turn of phrase can help turn a blog from something that’s ignored to something that’s followed.

You can’t reuse the words, but what you can do is use the ideas.  Again and again and again. By storing the ideas, and not the words, you make it easy to create fresh original content.

And that’s what CHUNKS are all about. A way to keep your content fresh and original but easy and quick to produce.

Sound interesting?

More tomorrow.

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14 Responses to “What’s The Most Powerful Thing in the World.”

  1. I’ve produced tonnes of content for my blog … well quite a lot! but after I began to feel that I was ‘running out’ I started an interview series on my blog. Since I’ve started to interview other people on the theme of my blog my stats have improved and my google rankings.

  2. Nicole Fende says:

    Lesley these are great images. You are far better than glittering word widget offered up to the google gods! When I first started blogging I was so worried about SEO and the rest. Yet when I tried to follow the so-called expert advice my posts were awful. Thanks for reinforcing my thoughts on this.

    So inquiring minds want to know, what the heck is CHUNKS?

  3. Hi Lesley, how are you? Spring in your part of the world? Spring and flowers in SunnyRoomStudio — a gift to all who venture there! This wise post is also a gift. A gift of knowledge. Thanks for sharing your expertise so generously. Keeping you on my radar re CHUNKS! –Daisy

  4. Jax says:

    Hi Lesley,
    Well you’ve certainly caught my attention. I’m assuming that the CHUNKS will be interesting but I’ve no idea what they are.
    “Grammar, spelling and even a good turn of phrase can help turn a blog from something that’s ignored to something that’s followed.” – I wish more folks would focus on these qualities rather than the spinning. It’d make for much better reading. Thanks.

  5. Well, there’s nothing more encouraging than an interested reader, so there will be more re: chunks, soon. Thanks for reading.

  6. Maria Pavel says:

    You’re right, an idea has the power to overthrow empires, it’s like a video with a cute dog going live on youtube. Millions of views in a day.

    As long as you make good use of your idea, even it’s not original, that article you write will get far.

  7. It’s often quite amazing where ideas or inspiration come from. One well known internet marketer always says keep your head up and eyes wide open because there are ideas everywhere. You just have to get into the habit of recognising them and then of course turn them into interesting words.

  8. Teri Naylor says:

    Thanks so much for the boost this morning, Leslie. I am interested to hear about Chunks in your next post.

    I really like the part about how we can control our emotions with a smile, a real smile. I do get distracted, and I do get angry with myself. I knew that a smile releases “feel good” hormones, but it is good to be reminded that we can snuff the fire of “feel bad” and non-productiveness. Thanks a bunch.

  9. Anthony says:

    Without any idea, we could not start on working with something. It is simply the essence of all things. It can also be called as the alpha sine it is the start of something great.

    We may need a word to communicate and do our work better but without nay idea we couldn’t do anything. Feeling is essential since it let us show compassionate for others but an idea would definitely give you the attention that you need.

  10. Well, yes indeed. Its an idea that is the most powerful thing. Newton got one and pioneered physics, similarly Gandhi got one and gave the whole world a new way of achieving their demands where nothing was put at stake except your principles, Mark Zuckerberg came with an idea that made him the world’s youngest billionaire. The theme of the 2010 movie Inception was “idea”, and how its growth determines the action as well as the future of an individual.

  11. Joshua says:

    Well, I can tell you that my brother says it’s knowledge, my sister says it’s money, my mother says it’s politics. Need i add that my brother is a scientist, my sister an economist and my mother a journalist? :)

  12. Daniel says:

    Thanks for this post and being me back to what you have already told me in the writing content course. I’m proud to say that I know what the “CHUNKS” are and that the ones that don’t will just have to say tuned to find out. You will be glad that you did.

  13. Adam Gardner says:

    Yes, I indeed agree with you.
    An idea, an innovation is perhaps what has the greatest capability of transforming lives. See it for yourself- Engines, Automobiles,Electricity, Internet and see what comfort they have brought us and how they have changed this world.

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