Alas and Alack; The Bear Is Dead.

On February 14, 2011, in Article Marketing, by lesley
It was a fraught weekend. After crossing the stones of desolation we trekked across the southern wastelands – entirely barren apart from a cave system we discovered. Inside we were able to piece together a stone which showed the rise of Ethermaw, a formidable dragon, whose battle with his peers, over a thousand years before, had laid waste to half a continent.

Despite the knowledge we gained, we were ambushed by slob goblins as we rushed to cross the narrow landbridge between the wasteland and Kuk, the Southern continent. The Bear, with the rest of his team, held off the attackers while we made our escape, and although I tried hard to rescue him with my magic spear, lengua afilado, he failed to grasp it in time, and was swept away.

It was a sad moment, and as I’ve mentioned before, we like to have a sound track for our adventures. Here’s the theme we played to honour The Bear.

Now you’re probably wondering what on earth this has to do with you. Not everyone finds it easy to relate to Dungeons and Dragons, but believe me there is a point to this.

I believe firmly in article marketing. As a method of web site promotion it works for many reasons, but an increasing number of people are telling they don’t want to do it in case their articles are stolen.

Seriously. And I suppose you don’t want to access the internet in case you find there’s porn out there.

In other words, yes of course your articles will be stolen. Unless they’re rubbish, or about something noone is interested in.

I can remember when I had the odd worry about that, but now, frankly I’m more worried when they’re not, ‘cos it means they’re not very good.

Last year I wrote an article making business predictions about 2010. Nothing Earth shattering, but it is one of my more popular articles and it has been in the ezine index for over a year now. Yesterday I checked with google and found the first few lines on almost 60 websites. There are far more if I look for just the title, people lift the article and put it through a spinner to produce some of the funniest prose you are likely to find. Believe me you don’t WANT your name and web address attached to that.

Most peculiar is the fact that ezine shows that particular article hasn’t been republished at all, yet you can find it word for word on a number of other sites, some even include my name, but alas, no backlink. (I would name names here, but I don’t want to give them a link they don’t deserve)

Yes, this is irritating, but does it mean that article marketing doesn’t work? No.

I have lots ofl articles in the ezine directory which have been published, the legitimate way, many times. And each one provides one or even two links back to my site.

Those that have never been published by anyone, still provide links back to my site from the ezine directory.

If you do find that you can’t live with the situation don’t get worked up about it. There is a procedure you can follow. Here’s a link to an article which will tell you how to do it – guess where I found it?

So don’t be like The Bear and miss your opportunity. Grab it with both hands, get those articles out  there, boost your ranking, drive some traffic and wherever you can, promote the use of article spinners. The more people who steal your stuff, spin it into rubbish and publish, the better it is for those who write good content, because then we really will stand out from the crowd.

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Take A Wider View

On June 6, 2010, in Article Marketing, by lesley
A Christmas card from 1870
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Just as a successful marketer thinks more about the benefits than the features of his product, the successful Article marketer thinks about the usability of his articles. Not just in terms of length or readability (though both are important), but in terms of topicality. It may seem wrong to write an article which has a shelf-life, but anyone scanning the directory at, for example, is likely to find many potential articles. There are two ways to make sure yours are chosen more than other people’s;

write well
write topically

So if it was December and you were looking for an article for your blog, on, say juicers, which article would you choose; ‘Benefits of citrus juicers’ or ‘The Five Best Presents for Juicing Enthusiasts.’?

The second of course, because that is what your readers want to know at that time of year. What’s more your article might be picked up by a site that is not in your niche, purely because of the seasonal subject matter. The result? More traffic for you.
Of course for the writer, the downside is that once Christmas is passed, no-one will want the article, so it’s never a good idea to write ALL your articles on seasonal topics, but since you can also use the same text in your blog and your newsletter, it may be wise to go half and half.  After all if you write the article carefully, you’ll be able to bring it out next year.

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